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Websites from Amity Digital aren’t templates, cutouts, duplicates, duplicates of duplicates, or a standard design delivered to multiple clients. Every website built by Amity Digital is customized and built specifically for you – a site built with intelligent architecture that delivers a seamless, purposeful user experience.

We build websites that represent the unique vision and branding of your business. We take into consideration the branding requirements, the products you sell, the services you offer, and the strong visual character that immediately conveys your unique authority.

Is your current website almost impossible to use on a smartphone? Can you see its content, or do you have to enlarge it? If it’s barely visible and nearly unusable, it’s not responsive.

By the way, we only build responsive websites – websites that look great and scale perfectly across every possible screen and device.

Our Web Design Specialties:


We love WordPress websites. Seriously. If WordPress was a stuffed animal, we would hug one persistently until the stuffing oozed out. Anyway, WordPress is a user-friendly, highly customizable, and scalable platform that fits the needs of smaller businesses and sizable corporations. It’s perfect for what you need now, and still perfect for what you grow into.


Want to sell items? We also specialize in eCommerce web design. Experts in Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce for WordPress, we’ll help you sell products and services directly to online customers.


Our websites are Google-conscious. They allow for thorough search engine optimization, and feature a smooth digital architecture that allows Google to easily crawl, and therefore, easily define your website.

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Curious about our work? We talk a good game, but do we deliver?

Below is a selection of amazing projects we’ve completed. Take a look and read through each design brief. We would love to add your company to the list below.

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