Terms of Service:

Amity Digital is a full-service website design/development and digital marketing firm. We offer modern websites with keen SEO sensibilities, and strategic digital marketing services to put you in touch with your information-hungry target audience. If your website is a user-repelling artifact from the early 2000s, or your digital marketing includes that one Facebook post you made last year, I suggest calling us now to take business back from your SEO-savvy competitors.


No physical products are exchanged as we deal with and service digital-only assets. Although there are no physical products, all Amity Digital clients are given full access to, and retain full ownership of, the assets they have paid for (“assets” being the accumulated results and structures of digital services).

Delivery of services depends on many factors including (but not limited to) client’s preferred date of service completion, the time to accumulate necessary content, scale of project, time and scale of deliverables, timely access to client-owned assets, etc.


Unless explicitly stated in contracts, statements of work, proposals, or any other form of binding, contractual text, our services are non-refundable. All services provided by Amity Digital are rendered and delivered digitally, compliant to client specifications with the collaborative input of Amity Digital. Before and after services are delivered, agreed-upon payments will be made to initiate or complete work.


You can cancel our digitally rendered services at any point barring any contractually agreed upon term of service. Client will be responsible for hours worked. Amity Digital will return – and no longer have access to — all client-owned digital assets (including websites, other platforms/accounts necessary to administer services, and all information necessary to access platforms/accounts).