At Amity Digital, we take your branding seriously. Why?

  1. Because you take it seriously.
  2. Because you should take it seriously.
  3. Because your branding is the immediately recognizable visual messaging that interacts with customers both subtly and directly. It’s a combination of shapes, colors, designs, font styles, and other visual elements that explain your business without having to explain your business.

To put it more succinctly, it’s the unique visual presentation that immediately connects viewers to your business.

And the best way to achieve associations between your branding and business is through consistency.

At Amity Digital, we make sure to stick to – or create – a company’s branding when building or enhancing their online assets (i.e., their website, social media, social media ads, etc.).

Why? Consistency. Every public-facing digital asset needs to carry familiar elements of your branding to drive your message home – to help human brains associate these visual elements with your business.

But we at Amity Digital are a relatively clever bunch, and we know a company’s public-facing assets aren’t limited to its properly-branded-by-us online resources. In the name of a complete branding effort – which is what you really need to consider – a company’s branding should be consistently applied to every physical item that is seen by, or interacts with, the public.

You know what I’m talking about– your logo and other brand-specific visual elements should fill business cards, flyers, banners, company vehicles (especially service vehicles), apparel, pens, hats, helmets, mugs, glasses, and anything “in the wild” that can be seen by passersby or handed directly to potential (and regular) customers.

And physical branding can be applied cleverly — it can easily conform to implements and accessories associated with a specific service.

Example A: You own a bar, brewery, pub, brewpub, gastropub, microbrewery, or whatever stylish name you want to apply to a respectable establishment for serious drinking.

Where to apply your unique branding (that awesome logo with the roaring lion and crossed swords)? Well, how about coasters (which are especially important because people tend to collect them)? Glassware? Mugs? Growlers? Yep, you can apply your logo to any drinkware lovingly held by – and perhaps taken home by — your happily drinking clientele.

Have staff? Work there yourself? You’ll need shirts, polos, or other on-brand apparel when dealing with the public.

Serve food? Accent your various menus – especially the take-out version – with your branding.

Have a patio or significant outdoor seating? Place branded signage featuring your drink specials and delicious menu options.

Want to give away additional free promotional items to really drive the brand home? Hand customers bottle openers layered with your crisp colors and that roaring, well-armed lion.

Example B: Own a plumbing service? Well, I’m sure you own a truck to carry your arsenal of tools to and from worksites. Consider your vehicle a key piece of branding real estate and cover it with your logo, contact information, and any other visual elements baked into your brand.

When you interact with customers, you’ll want to wear that awesome shirt with your logo (either printed or embroidered).

And you’ll probably want to hand them a business card, a pen, or perhaps a pipe-shaped keychain so customers know exactly who to call when it’s time to add, update, or repair plumbing.

Example C:  Work construction? You’ll need branded apparel, hats, helmets, vehicles, business cards, and even yards signs – something you can post in a client’s yard so passersby can associate your business with tan example of your work.

Bringing It All Together

So, what do we recommend? That’s right – applying your unique company branding to every pubic-facing asset your company holds. And this includes all digital and physical assets.

And why should you do that? To maintain consistency – to send consistent visual messaging to customers so they learn to associate this branding with your business.

Can Amity Digital help present your brand on digital AND physical media? Heck, yeah. After making sure your branding is consistent on your website, social media, yelp, Instagram, YouTube, and wherever else you reside on the internet, we utilize our ridiculously close relationship with Giant Robo Printing to create your business cards, flyers, signs, coasters, glasses, mugs, bottle openers, garden signs, yard signs, keychains, and AT LEAST 3,0000 more items I’m far too exasperated to list here (**huff-puff*).

And yes, we can totally add vinyl logos/designs to your vehicles, wheel barrels, sizable gas cans, hot dog carts, food trucks, windmills, aquariums, and whatever else is large enough to show the world (and fish) the power of your inescapable branding!