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TCN is a nonprofit organization created to support and enhance the effectiveness of other nonprofits. Existing to revitalize the greater Pottstown region, TCN acts as a driving force behind organizations committed to workforce development, education, youth empowerment, and other social programs.

When we reached out, they were already thinking about a stronger online presence. They needed a new website – something modern and easy to navigate. Something that effectively presented their programs and services. They also needed to be found online by those looking to make donations to various programs, and those in need of TCN’s beneficial services.


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TCN had a website, but the architecture, design, layout, and branding were suboptimal. It was also deficient in necessary content regarding their services and the very organizations they support and represent. There were very few calls to action, and a lack of functional donation forms for those placing contributions directly through the website. They also needed to improve visibility by promoting their services online – to rank more favorably in search results for those hunting the internet for certain nonprofits (and the services of said nonprofits).

This is how we helped:

We created a new, Google-optimized website with bright, inviting imagery, organized architecture, informative text, calls to action, on-site contact and donation forms, and easy-to-use navigation.

We enacted (and continue to enact) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to improve TCN’s ranking in search results. If people are looking online to donate to certain nonprofits, or discover organizations who can help run, fund, and support fledgling nonprofits, we want TCN’s new website to show up as a visible – and viable – option.


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The incredibly affable gang at TCN were absolutely thrilled with their brand-new website. It became the true foundational digital presence for their organization – a priceless, discoverable resource for those in need, and for those in need of organizational support.

We continue to enact SEO strategies in a consistent effort to enhance TCN’s online visibility. It’s a point of pride to help such an amazing organization connect with those who could benefit from TCN’s compassionate offerings.

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