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ToothShower Website on Desktop and Mobile


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ToothShower? Yes, ToothShower — a water flosser specifically designed for use in the shower. What? You use a standard water flosser and attempt water flossing over the sink?  EECH! That’s a terrible mess, and therefore, a serious deterrent to continuous water flossing!

So, yes, it’s a water flosser for the shower, and if this is the first time you’re hearing about it, you must have missed its debut on The Home Shopping Network, or QVC, or in the hands of dozens of shower-dwelling online influencers. Look, it’s a thing, and you need to get on board with the rest of us. (Your persistently dissolving gums will thank you.)

Anyway, the teeth-focused folks at ToothShower needed an updated website that truly conveyed their unique product line, the understandable dental branding, and the stores of orthodontic knowledge wielded by the ToothShower’s creator. So, we promptly lied about out flossing habits, closed the sale, and designed the perfect website for a piece of unparalleled teeth-cleaning technology.


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ToothShower needed an updated website to really nail their branding.

Not only did they want to better promote their shower-friendly water flosser (i.e., ToothShower), they wanted to promote a brand-new electric toothbrush with gloriously flailing, gum-massaging bristles!

This is how we helped:

We moved them to the Shopify website platform — this allowed us to list all their items, their many variations, and a humble assortment of accessories without a great deal of hair pulling or emergency candy bar gorging.

We created product bundles, allowing shoppers to add an electric toothbrush to an order including the teeth-saving ToothShower.

We made sure the branding was on-point and full of light blues, pinks, subtle salmons, and other colors representing healthcare, and specifically, dental health.

We added additional (and stylish) content sections allowing ToothShower’s owner/inventor to share her extensive dental knowledge, and the intriguing, detail-heavy benefits of her unbeatable teeth-cleaning system.

And did we make the website responsive? You bet. All those clever animations and unique design elements found on desktop are perfectly projected while interacting with the website’s mobile version. So, your excuse is now inexcusable — reverse gum disease and restore vitality to those yellow choppers with ToothShower and the amazing (and flailing) Sonic ToothBrush.

  • Web Design

  • Responsive Web Design

  • Website Animation

  • Graphic Design

  • Website Copy

  • Logo and Branding


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After Amity Digital:

Were they happy? Oh, yeah.

Lisa and Gary were (and still are) quite happy with the website.

The website is responsive, so it configures itself according to the device being used. People can navigate the website using handheld devices (like smartphones) and easily ask a question, request information, or purchase an advanced implement of extreme oral health.

We nailed the branding with relevant colors and images related to the product itself, the practice from which it came, and the smile-inducing, gum-enhancing benefits.

And yep, serious mouth cleaners can purchase — and learn all about — the nearly magical dental tools created by an incredibly knowledgeable dental hygienist!

If you want to learn all the benefits of water flossing and sonic toothbrushing, we recommend utilizing this website to determine the importance of gum/tooth health, scaring yourself silly considering your gums bleed after a low-thrust sneeze, and then purchasing one of these items to reclaim your degrading (and odorous) oral health!

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