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Suburban Water Technology

A Refreshing Website for this Local Water Treatment Specialist


Since 1961, Suburban Water Technology has been integrating various types of water treatment systems to meet the level of water purity required for residential use, industrial production, commercial operation, scientific research, and groundwater remediation. Translation: They make water good.

When we met with Suburban’s experienced officers, they were extremely aware of their dated, nearly unusable website and a serious lack of online traffic. They needed what we call “the works” (technically, it’s called “The Avengers” plan) — a new website and a suite of various digital marketing services. They had their pick of the litter, but Amity Digital made the cut. And yes, our charm was the deciding factor.



Suburban Water certainly had a website, but it was extremely dated and nearly abandoned. There was very little information detailing their services, the branding was unexceptional, the images were substandard, and ecommerce functionality was very basic.

They were also interested in improving their authority and appearance in local online searches. So, they needed digital marketing strategies like search engine optimization (SEO) and Google Ads.

And they really needed someone to manage and grow their social media channels.

Essentially, they wanted to push their business into the 21st century, and they needed all public-facing digital platforms created and optimized to the fullest.

This is how we helped:

We created a new website promoting — and explaining — all their services. We updated the website design with clean and professional images, creating the impression of purity, clarity, and any other descriptors one might use when confronted by glistening, replenishing, and thirst-quenching water.

We enabled ecommerce functionality, allowing them to sell products directly to online customers.

We created plenty of calls to action with strategically placed contact forms. So, if folks are perusing and they have a question, there’s zero impedance to ask one.

And at their behest, we activated “The Avengers” digital marketing plan. This incudes SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, social media management, content creation, and a boat-load of other services I simply can’t recall right now. Just trust me when I say this: It’s the freakin’ works.

Oh, and we totally created an easy-to-use payment portal so customers can pay invoices online.

Did we make the website responsive? Well, is the sky blue? Do talking owls rule the dreamscape? Yes! Of course we created a responsive website! DUH!!!

Website visitors can now view the website easily and actually find/use the navigation on every conceivable screen size. Is this important? Of course! DUH!! More than 52% of all online traffic occurs through mobile devices. If a website isn’t mobile-friendly, it’s flat-out backslapping a considerable chunk of online traffic.

Web Design
Graphic Design
Content Creation
Web Design
Graphic Design
Content Creation


Our Web Design Pricing Is Always Transparent (and never in disguise)

Before Amity Digital:

Suburban Water Before Amity Digital

After Amity Digital:

Were they happy?
Oh, yeah.

Were they happy? Oh, yeah

Dividing Image

The folks at Suburban Water are incredibly happy with the new website.

The website is now responsive, so it configures itself according to the device being used. People can now navigate the website using handheld devices (like smartphones) and easily ask a question or request information.

The website features helpful text in order to inform website visitors of all the services offered, and all the competency and combined experience accrued by such a dependable, long-standing company.

With professional, full-color images and an expansion of the Suburban Water’s branding, we elevated the visual presentation of Suburban Water’s online representative.

And we continue to apply digital marketing strategies in an effort to improve and empower their online visibility. We’re in for the long haul, and looking forward to the future state of our powerful partnership.

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