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PA Loves Music Website on Desktop and Mobile


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Do you like music? I mean, do you really like music?

If you answered “no,” then honestly, you can go back to reading that in-depth article about the destruction of civilization due to its hasty, sort of embarrassing, and barely considered acceptance of the metaverse.


If you really like music, especially music occurring in — and  perhaps originating from — Pennsylvania, then you’ll probably want to check out PA Loves Music (.com).

Why did we create the music-inspired PA Loves Music website? To promote the musical endeavors of PA-based musicians. To announce their on-stage exploits, share their oddball origins, and provide — and sell — their unique, branded, and perhaps a little disgusting band merchandise.

Have a soon-to-be-famous rock band playing sold out shows in Pennsylvania? Have a budding fish-core band that knows at least 3.5 chords, features someone’s wandering toddler on bass, and has roughly 37 seconds of a song ready for next month’s open mic?

Then I think you’re ready to sign up for PA Loves Music (.com).


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As creators of the “We Support PA” movement, we sought to transition that successful donation-focused business model to the world of music.

How It Works:

Are you part of a budding, exploding, or brand-spankin’-new Pennsylvania band? Want to promote said band and sell band merchandise?

Then sign up for FREE, and take advantage of the following PA Loves Music perks:

  • Firstly, we’ll post your band bio. So, you get to include a brief writeup or review describing your band and/or its aforementioned oddball origins.
  • Secondly, we’ll include your social links, website (don’t have one? Keep reading), and a link to your latest track(s).
  • Thirdly, we’ll add your playing schedule to an events calendar for all to see.
  • And fourthly, we’ll link to your official merch store. That’s right – your merch store. Let’s talk about it:

Your Band Merchandise Store

Give us your band art — or allow us to create or repair it — and we’ll mock up several products bearing said band art (e.g., t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, etc.). These items will live on a merch page just for you. All you have to do is spread the word (which means, yes, you’ll have to do some promoting).

And when orders come in, we’ll create the items, and ship them to your anxious fans.

YOU keep the profit, we keep the cost (which is minimal, since we hire elves at 9,110 satoshis per hour).

Oh! And I almost forgot: If you’re interested in a website, a paltry monthly fee will get you a custom one-pager. Interested? Call us today. Or after practice.

  • Free to sign up

  • Receive a selection of awesome band merchandise

  • Sell swag on your very own band merch page

  • Add your live shows to our monthly events calendar

  • Enjoy a spot on the official PA Loves Music Spotify playlist

  • Eat the entire egg of a 75-story kaiju lest it hatch and wreak havoc on the the unsuspecting denizens of Moon Colony III

  • You’re still reading these? I mean, the last one was absolutely ridiculous

  • And it offered absolutely nothing useful

  • Unless, of course, you’re a denizen of Moon Colony III


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After Amity Digital:

Is It Cool? And….Does It Work?

Although the PA Loves Music website is a newer endeavor, we’ve been lucky enough to add locally renown bands including Tiras Buck, John Smith’s Voyages, The Quite Campaign, Tiras Buck, Jeremy Gibney, and Tiras Buck.

Have I mentioned Tiras Buck? The performer who produces exemplary art rock but struggles to play live due to crushing , palpitation-enraging stage fright!!??


Anyway, yes, it’s cool, and yes, it totally works. We help spread the word regarding the participating bands’ exploits, and fulfill any orders placed by fervent fans of the aforementioned PA bands.

And this website makes it easy for PA bands to sign up and reap the several benefits offered by PA Loves Music.

Oh, and it totally looks cool, right? With its bold stage light colors and that awesome record-inspired logo? I mean, I’m not one to brag about our web design capabilities, but man — this website looks amazing. I’m just going to stare at it for a minute.

One Minute Later….

So, are you ready to sign up for PA Loves Music? Have a band that needs a website? Have a music promotions company that needs a website? Have a music venue that needs a website? If you’re in the arts, and you want to be presented artistically online, let us know. We’ll build you something that practically sings your brand to attentive online audiences.

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