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Other Options

A Newly Created Website for this Brand New Nonprofit seeking to empower young adults and provide safe environments for at-risk children


Other Options is a brand-new nonprofit organization providing teens, young adults, and at-risk children a safe environment in order to receive counseling, personal development, life experiences, a sense of community, educational aid, job training, and overall support.

Based in Philadelphia, Other Options seeks to empower young adults to make thoughtful decisions regarding their lives, and the lives and conditions of their communities.

Israel LaPrince, the founder of Other Options, is an experienced force for good in the nonprofit community. With years of organizing and implementing various volunteer-based and nonprofit groups, Israel struck out on his own to create the Other Options organization.

Of course, he realized he was missing something — a website. When he came to this realization, he noticed a yellow A-frame while traveling between Douglassville and Philadelphia; an A-frame adorned with a certain superhero, a certain robot, and a rather larger banner proclaiming website services. (Hint: The building is ours.)

So, in walked Israel, and our partnership began.


Other Options was a brand-spanking-new endeavor.

Israel needed a website to convey his experience as a community servant and collaborator.

And this website needed to convey services performed, events hosted, and any community outreach planned and enacted by said brand-spanking-new endeavor.

He was also looking for the ability to receive donations, and increase the number of  volunteers. So, it was imperative the website accepted donations and allowed potential volunteers to begin the application process.

This is how we helped:

We created a new website promoting — and explaining — Other Options’ services and mission statement.

We created plenty of calls to action with strategically placed contact forms, including forms for potential volunteers.

For donations, we integrated PayPal, Cash App, and credit card payment software allowing Other Options to accept multiple payment methods.

And to keep track of the events hosted by Other Options, we created a community calendar.

Did we make the website responsive? Of course! Website visitors can now view the website easily and actually find/use the navigation on every conceivable screen size. Is this important? Of course! More than 52% of all online traffic occurs through mobile devices. If a website isn’t mobile-friendly, it’s deflecting a considerable chunk of online traffic.

Web Design
Graphic Design
Content Creation
Various Payment
Web Design
Graphic Design
Content Creation
Various Payment


Our Web Design Pricing Is Always Transparent (and never in disguise)

Were they happy?
Oh, yeah.

Were they happy?
Oh, yeah.

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Israel was very happy with the new website.

The website is responsive, so it configures itself according to the device being used. People can easily navigate the website using handheld devices (like smartphones and tablets) without having to enlarge the screen, or press buttons with a sewing needle.

The website features helpful text in order to inform website visitors of Other Options’ community-building services. It also promotes the skills and experience of Other Options’ founder and volunteers.

Interested in becoming a volunteer? The online form makes it easy to kickstart the process.

And with several available payment methods, website visitors can easily make online donations, or in-person transactions thanks to the integration of Cash App.

We look forward to supporting Israel and Other Options in their mission to improve the quality of life for at-risk children and communities in the Philadelphia area..

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