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If you’re using a Mighty Mac woodchipper, leaf blower, or any piece of heavy-duty lawn equipment from this national product line, you probably bought it from MacKissic.

With a history dating back to 1947, MacKissic is a family-owned business residing in Parker Ford, PA. For years, the folks at MacKissic have been designing and manufacturing lawn equipment for commercial and residential use — equipment made in the USA.

When we spoke with Clark and Steve, they knew MacKissic was overdue for a new website. They also needed the ability to attract online shoppers, and then allow them to make purchases on-site.


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MacKissic had a website, but it was incredibly dated and deficient in informative text and relevant, inviting images.

The responsive design was lacking — the website wasn’t scaling itself properly for use on mobile devices like smartphones. Because of this, viewing the content and navigating the website were extremely difficult on smaller screens.

The website needed eCommerce functionality — they were mostly dependent on sales through distributors, which reduced their profit margins.

Besides the new website, Clark and Steve wanted to attract the attention of online audiences. After creating a website selling directly to customers, they considered various digital marketing strategies to capture that audience.

This is how we helped:

We created a new, responsive website with bright, inviting images showcasing their products and lawn care-related branding.

We set up eCommerce fictionality, allowing online customers to make purchases on the website. And this was accompanied by detailed product pages offering product variations and purchasing options.

Working with Clark and Steve, we initiated a digital marketing campaign to increase online visibility, putting their website in front of customers searching for commercial and residential lawn equipment.

And there was the addition of informative content, presenting MacKissic’s story, messaging, experience, and expertise.

  • Web Design

  • Responsive Web Design

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Website Animation

  • Graphic Design

  • Ecommerce Functionality


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Before Amity Digital:

MacKissic before Amity Digital

After Amity Digital:

Were they happy? Oh, yeah.

Clark and Steve were very happy with the website’s modern design and its on-brand imagery.

The website was made responsive, so it configures itself according to the device being used. Every element of content intuitively scales itself so mobile users can easily view, and easily use, each element. This responsive function makes it easier for customers to browse and shop on their smartphones or preferred mobile device.

With eCommerce functionality, customers can now purchase items directly from the website.

With more content, customers can learn more about equipment before making a purchase.

Steve and Clark also moved ahead with a digital marketing campaign. They experienced increased online interest in their website, and saw the potential for digital marketing strategies attuned to their target audience.

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