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Integrity Services and Solutions desktop and mobile presentation


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Founded in 2004, Integrity Services and Solutions is an independent insurance agency based in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania that specializes in group and individual health, life, disability, long term care, vision, dental, and property and casualty insurances.

Todd and Diane were in the market for a new website – they wanted to bolster their online presence and get away from a dated website that did very little to inform visitors or capture their information.

When they received an Amity Digital newsletter featuring our recently completed websites, they knew we could elevate the crux of their online presence.


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Integrity Solutions had a website, but it was dated. The imagery was sparse, rather small, and out of focus.

It wasn’t fully responsive — it didn’t scale itself completely to the required size for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Viewing it on a smartphone, some website elements (text, images, etc.) scaled correctly, but other elements remained impossible to read without pinching and enlarging.

There was a deficiency in educational text that not only informed customers about the available plans and services, but presented them with the benefits of said services.

There was a lack of captivating design telling the story of Integrity Services and Solutions, or expressing the visual branding.

This is how we helped:

We created a new, responsive website with plenty of clean space and inviting images that immediately expressed Integrity Services’ visual branding. Life is filled with unexpected twists and turns, so we utilized roads, rivers, and other bending, flowing visuals to convey the story shared by Integrity personnel and potential clientele.

We utilized responsive web design to make sure the website looked perfect on any and all devices. There’s no squinting, pinching, or enlarging here – every element is visible and usable.

We created a framework for informative text provided by Bell Media Group – they spun the written (typed) word, and we fashioned the lustrous pages and code-heavy binding.

We added strategically placed call to action buttons allowing customers to acquire more information or speak directly with Integrity Services personnel.

We made sure the website architecture allowed for easy Google optimization, which also allows Google to easily crawl – and easily define — a website.


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Before Amity Digital:

Integrity Services and Solutions before Amity Digital

After Amity Digital:

Were they happy? Oh, yeah.

Todd and Diane were extremely happy with the new website. It surpassed every visual and functional expectation. It told their story, and it empathized with those who’ve experience the aforementioned twists and turns.

We utilized responsive web design so the website configures itself according to the device being used. Every element of content intelligently scales itself so mobile users can easily view, and easily use, each element.

Potential customers now have a better sense of the products, knowledge, and passion offered by Integrity Services. And they have more chances to reach out and learn more thanks to additional contact forms and buttons.

We continue to work with Diane and Todd as we prepare a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to further expand their online presence.

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