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ToothShower Website Desktop and Mobile Presentation


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Healer’s Café isn’t a place — it’s a community of likeminded artists and creators bonded by the peaceful teachings of Jesus Christ.

Staying connected via the website and social media, this community also hosts open mic events to gather, celebrate, express, and worship.

When we met with Elis, the founder of Healer’s Café,  she needed a brand-new website — a new digital space to inform and accumulate new members; a place to promote events and allow for followers to register for said events.

So, we helped Elis create the stylish website she envisioned.


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Elis needed a new website for the Healer’s Café community. But before that, she needed to create the Healer’s Café brand.

Who has the capability to create logos, and then a style sheet offering guidance on brand colors, letters, and other on-brand visual presentations? That’s right — Amity Digital.

Elis also needed that logo applied to stylish apparel — apparel that would be available for sale on the new website.

This is how we helped:

Our first step: Creating a logo and a one-page style sheet. It was this work that laid the foundation and guidance for the Healer’s Café visual branding.

Then, we created the website based on this branding. Built on Squarespace, the website would promote the community, promote events, and allow visitors to register for events. It would also feature ecommerce functionality, allowing visitors to purchase Healer’s Café items directly from the website.

And these items? They were supplied, printed, and etched upon by our printing division, Giant Robo Printing. So, if you’re buying any items from Healer’s Café,  you’re receiving quality products courtesy of GRP.

Beyond the logo, our graphic design department created product images and mockups in order to sell the item, and the feeling behind the item.

And did we make the website responsive? Eeeeyup. Website visitors can easily view (and use) the website on mobile devices (like smartphones). Is this important? Eeeeyup — more than 52% of all online traffic occurs through mobile devices. A website that isn’t mobile-friendly is practically ignoring a significant amount of online traffic.

  • Web Design

  • Responsive Web Design

  • Website Animation

  • Graphic Design

  • Website Copy

  • Logo and Branding


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After Amity Digital:

Were they happy? Oh, yeah.

Elis was happy with the design — it conveyed community, spirit, and the expressive works of talented artists and performers.

The website is  responsive, so it configures itself according to the device being used. People can navigate the website using handheld devices (like smartphones) and easily ask a question, request information, or sign up for an open mic.

We nailed the branding with a powerful logo and matching design elements presenting a unified visual experience.

And we created custom, branded products adorned with the Healer’s Café logo, or the “Jesus and Justice” logo complete with excerpted scripture.

Healer’s Café is the online touchstone for an ever-growing religious and artistic movement.

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