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Hand and Paw Studio – A Shopify Store


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Hand and Paw Studio


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Hand and Paw Studios is a local Ecommerce company that manufactures and sells their own dog and cat merchandise. They make leashes and collars out of hemp and dog toys out of old fire hoses from the fire department. As a dog lover myself, we were pretty excited to work on this project. When they came to use they had a very simplistic website on Big Commerce and weren’t making any headway. They had a separate POS that they were using for local pet shows and fairs that they were setup at.  The systems didn’t talk together and it was less than ideal. They hired us to help.

Website Address: https://www.handandpawstudio.com


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Hand and Paw Studio is a local company that we were happy to work with.  We have three dogs in our office so we were definitely interested in the line of products she makes and sells.  With Ecommerce being one of our core competencies, we were sure we could help.  Her site was built on Big Commerce which is a fine platform.  We prefer Shopify but wouldn’t recommend migrating based on our own preference.  However, in this case, with her need to have an integrated POS system and a list of specific features, we knew we could do a better job with the site on Shopify.  First step was to migrate over all the data and then we proceeded to design a new website. It was a collaborative effort. We spent time training the owner in using Shopify and she was off and running. She is now able to use one system for both her online sales and her in-person sales at various pet expos in our area.

  • Website Design

  • Shopify Development

  • Graphic Design

  • Shopify Training

  • Shopify Store Configuration


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Migrating over to Shopify has allowed the customer to utilize all the features they required while also having a full featured POS and web based system. They were stuck with their old website and had a hard time improving upon it.  This new design has allowed them to relaunch their brand and start working with us on a brand new marketing strategy.

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