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Giant Robo Printing is a full-service print shop offering a wide variety of services. They do Screen Printing, DTG, Dye Sublimation, Sandblasting, and more. When they came to us, their website was nice but fairly simple and didn’t offer their visitors anyway to mock up a design and pay online.

They wanted a website that let people purchase in whatever way they preferred, either by using a designer and mocking up their design or by contacting them for a quote.


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Their original website was built on WordPress. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but a site focusing on several hundred products with customizable purchases needed a platform set up to handle an ever-scaling inventory with various checkout functions.

WordPress does come with eCommerce functionality courtesy of WooCommerce, but we recommend utilizing this plugin when a good portion of the site is informational, containing more readable content than products (WooCommerce doesn’t scale as easily as Shopify).

This is how we helped:

We recreated it on the Shopify platform, improved the design, helped them solidify their brand image and implemented plugins that would allow their customers to purchase both custom and personalized items.

We made sure the website was responsive — that it scaled itself according to the size of the viewing device (smartphone, tablet, Tricorder, etc.).

And those plugins “that would allow their customers to purchase both custom and personalized items”? Online visitors can now add or choose their own art with an intuitive system that creates a custom item from conception to completion.

We used graphic design to create unique on-site images promoting staff and their friendly, print-savvy, and science fiction-adoring attitudes.

Giant Robo Printing now has a modern, visually appealing site that displays the breadth of its services. And it features strategically placed contact forms so viewers can easily ask a question, request information, or initiate quoting process.

  • Responsive Web Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Website Copy

  • Product Customizer


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After Amity Digital:

Were they happy? Oh, yeah.

Giant Robo Printing customers are loving the customizer. They report that about 50% of their users place the order online while the other half still prefer the traditional way of contacting the sales team and getting a quote.

The Giant Robo Printing website is far more SEO friendly than it was and traffic is up significantly.

Can visitors view, purchase, and then customize items in their cart from a smartphone, tablet, or other cleverly compact handheld device? Of course — we make sure all our designs are responsive, and therefore, viewable/usable across all devices.

Does the GRP team love the unique, science fiction-inspired graphic design that in no way infringes upon the Iron Giant? Of course! In fact, they loved it so much, they had us create more imagery involving the carried-by-robot staff!!

So, were they happy? OF COURSE!

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