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FM Brown's desktop and mobile presentation


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For over 100 years, FM Brown’s has been providing heating oil, kerosene, and diesel fuel for homes and businesses located in the Reading, PA area.

With a family legacy dedicated to superior products and customer service, the fine folks at FM Brown’s are a staple of the community and a trusted source of clean, efficient fuels.

When we met with the folks at Brown’s, they had a very outdated website. It had very little information, very confusing navigation, and was impossible to operate on mobile devices. They needed to attract modern shoppers with an equally modern website, and that’s where we came in.


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FM Brown’s had a website, but it was extremely dated and nearly abandoned. There was very little information detailing their services, and very few images representing the visual benefits of those services.

There was dueling navigation — some menu options existed on top, and others existed in the middle of the page.

And the website wasn’t responsive — it wasn’t sizing itself properly for use on mobile devices like smartphones. Because of this, viewing content and navigating the website were practically impossible on smaller screens.

This is how we helped:

We created a new website that focused on every service. And we used the full width of the available screen space which created a clean, spacious, and organized website filled with sharp, colorful images conveying visual benefits to potential customers.

There was very little text describing who they are and what they do. We collaborated to create industry-relevant copy in an effort to build trust with, inform, and educate website visitors.

Did we make the website responsive? Of course! Website visitors can now view the website contents easily and actually find/use the navigation. Is this important? Of course! Why? Because more than 52% of all online traffic occurs through mobile devices. A website that isn’t mobile-friendly is denying itself a considerable chunk of online traffic.

FM Brown’s is now a modern, visually appealing site that actually explains the breath of its services. And it features strategically placed contact forms so viewers can easily ask a question, set an appointment, or request information.

  • Responsive Web Design

  • Website Animation

  • Graphic Design

  • Website Copy


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Before Amity Digital:

FM Brown's before Amity Digital

After Amity Digital:

Were they happy? Oh, yeah.

The FM Brown’s crew was incredibly happy with their new website.

The website is now responsive, so it configures itself according to the device being used. People can now navigate the website using handheld devices (like smartphones) and easily ask a question or request information.

With informative text, people can learn about the full range of products and services offered by FM Brown’s Sons, Inc.

With crisp, full-color images and a strict adherence to their branding, we elevated the visual presentation of FM Brown’s online representative.

And we even created a simple, eye-catching animation — an FM Brown’s truck “zooming” across the home page soon after the page loads. Did they like it? Yes. Duh.

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