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If you purchased a drink or perfectly prepacked snack from a vending machine in Berks County, you probably used a machine from Canteen Berks.

Canteen Berks supplies vending services, vending maintenance, coffee and tea services, water services, fresh food services, and micro markets to hospitals, workplaces, event facilities, and any space where people gather in a shared location.

When Jeff reached out, he knew they were long overdue for a website. They needed something modern – something containing a lot more information regarding their business and the breadth of services one can expect from Canteen Berks.


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Canteen Berks had a website, but it was extremely dated. It offered very little information about the business, its breadth of services, and more importantly, the benefits those services provided to customers.

It wasn’t responsive — it didn’t scale itself to the required size for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Viewing it on a smartphone, the site was impossible to read without pinching and enlarging. The menu was too tiny and very hard to use.

The desktop version was a thinner column that didn’t take advantage of the available screen space. The few available images were too small and out of focus.

Jeff needed customer accounts created, and the ability for account holders to purchase products that didn’t exist on-site.

He was also interested in SEO (search engine optimization) to help the website rank for people searching online for various vending services.

This is how we helped:

We created a new, responsive website with plenty of clean space and bright, inviting images supporting Canteen Berks’ products, persona, and branding. This accompanied informative text, calls to action, and easy-to-use navigation.

The website’s backend was enhanced and updated to allow for account creation, and accounts-only eCommerce functionality.

We added products that were visible to non-account holders, but only purchasable by registered users.

And we enacted search engine optimization to help Canteen Berks appear in search results for those searching online for vending services.


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Before Amity Digital:

Canteen Berks before Amity Digital

After Amity Digital:

Were they happy? Oh, yeah.

Jeff was very happy with the modern, spacious design that really captured the branding and visual lifestyle promoted by Canteen Berks.

The website was made responsive, so it configures itself according to the device being used. Every element of content intuitively scales itself so mobile users can easily view, and easily use, each element.

Account holders can now place orders for product lines that didn’t previously exist on-site.

Potential customers have more information available to learn about the services provided by Canteen Berks. They aso have more chances to reach out and learn more thanks to additional contact forms and buttons.

Was it a blast learning about Canteen Berks and their awesome micro market and vending services? Heck, yeah. It was also responsible for an oddly robust appetite.

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