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Berks Energy HVAC


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Berks Energy is a local Heating and Air Conditioning contractor serving Berks County, Pennsylvania. We met the owner of this company through LeTip of Greater Reading, a business networking group that we are involved in.  If you are reading this and serve the Berks County area, as Brian at Amity Digital about the benefits of joining LeTip! Okay, back to Berks Energy. They approached us and asked us to do a free evaluation of both their website and their presence in Google. The website was designed by another firm but it hadn’t been updated in quite awhile. We found quite a few issues that needed to be addressed with the website and it was virtually non-existant in the search results. We created a plan of action and we are working together to improve their website and their rankings in Google.


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The first thing we did was work with them to transfer the website over to our servers. The hosting provider they were on was slow and it was hurting their rankings. Once we had access to everything we got to work on their Google My Business listing.  They had one but it only had the most basic information and was very poorly optimized. Their listing was never verified so we started with that. Their wordpress installation hadn’t been updated in over a year so we brought them up to date and then worked to fix the issues we found and optimized the site for better rankings in Google. This is going to be an ongoing project as we work to improve their website and help them to rank better in the local market for people that are looking for HVAC services.

  • Web Design

  • WordPress Optimization

  • Google My Business Optimization

  • Local SEO

  • Reputation Management


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This is still a work in progress but so far, their Google My Business listing is verified and has signficantly more information than it did when we took it over. The website is faster and we expect it’s local rankings to improve signficantly over the next 1 to 3 months as we continue to work through the issues with the site and optimize it for Google.

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