Did you know that 20% of the world’s population is disabled? When your website is accessible to all users, you’re making it easier for 1.5 BILLION people to use your website and purchase your goods or services. Disabled users want to use your website, but if it is not compatible with their screen readers and keyboard navigators, they cannot access your information. Understandably, this is frustrating to the user!

What is accessiBe?

We partnered with accessiBe to ensure your website can be accessible to all. AccessiBe has an AI-based accessibility tool, accessWidget. Since we have partnered with accessiBe, we’re able to install this widget to your website! After we paste the accessWidget code into your website’s template, your website is accessible to all within 48 hours. This tool scans your website every 24 hours to ensure that any new content or software updates are accessible.

Disabilities that accessiBe covers: 

  • Blind
  • Motor Impaired 
  • Cognitive Disorder 
  • Epileptics 
  • Vision Impaired 
  • Hearing Impaired

Having an accessibility tool installed will prevent you from a mess in the future. There have been increases in lawsuits over the years. Nearly every industry has faced lawsuits, and common brands you are most likely familiar with such as Dunkin Donuts, Bank of America, and Glossier. This is because the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires all public facilities and services to be accessible. This includes websites!

Meet Joseph. Joseph suffers from quadriplegia, meaning he is paralyzed from the waist down. When he visits a website that is not accessible through keyboard navigation, he feels stuck and frustrated. Luckily, a software like AccessiBe makes it easy for him to navigate a website.

How Can Having an Accessible Website Benefit My Business?

1. Your website is accessible to all users. 

This means you aren’t excluding any groups from accessing your goods or services, so in return, you are able to receive more business. These users WANT to use your website, but if it isn’t compatible they will turn elsewhere for their business.

2. Web accessibility is great for SEO. 

Search engine optimization helps your website rank higher on search engines, increasing your organic traffic. Websites that are difficult to navigate often have a high bounce rate, which search engines penalize. If a disabled user enters your website just to realize they can’t use it, they will quickly leave, increasing your bounce rate.

Other factors of SEO include alt-tags. Alt-tags are alternate descriptions usually attached to images, videos, and audio files. This provides alternative text for search engines, and allows users with disabilities to read or hear your videos and images.

3. Having an accessible website will improve your reputation and help drive sales. 

When your website is accessible you provide a positive experience for all users. When you have a positive experience with a company what do you do? Tell others. Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful forms of marketing. If a disabled user finds your website to be easily accessible, chances are they are going to spread the word. The opposite also applies!

Not only does having your website accessible to everyone provide a better user experience, but it will provide long-term benefits for your business.

How We Can Help Make Your Website Accessible

We provide the easiest solution to make your website accessible. If you’re not sure if your website is accessible, we can run a free audit. Read our guide to website accessibility to learn more about Web Content Access Guidelines (WCAG) and other tips to make your website more accessible! Ready to get started? Contact us today at 610-871-4872.