Following up on the last article we wrote about creating lead magnets that convert, today, as promised, we are following up with the steps you want to take to optimize a lead magnet for maximum conversion.

To optimize your lead magnet for maximum conversion, follow these steps:

Step 1: Your CTA Title Has To Be Compelling

The title of your lead magnet is the main reason why someone would stop and decide to opt-in and download it. Because of this, it has to be compelling. An article by nativeadvertising.com found that 60-80% of the people that come across your lead magnet only read the headline. 

Because of this, clearly you can see why it’s so important to focus on making your title all that it can be.

Remember, as we wrote about in our last article, to write a killer title for your lead magnet, you need to make it specific, tangible and value-oriented. When we say value-oriented, we mean what your customer finds valuable. Not you.

For instance, you might think it will be valuable to teach your audience about closing more sales with less effort, but they might actually want to learn how to more easily write killer marketing content.

Specific means that each lead magnet should teach one specific thing. You don’t want your CTA to be too complicated or unclear. You can offer a cheat sheet that covers steps to complete a specific task, for instance. Or even a downloadable ebook. The key takeaway here though is that whatever vehicle you use to deliver this valuable content, you have to focus on one key single point.

Tangible means that you’re showing the exact result that your audience is going to get by reading or watching your lead magnet. For instance, “How to get your first 100,000 visitors to your website”, not “How to increase your website traffic”.

Step 2: Make An Outline Of What Your Content Will Be

In order to create great content that your ideal customers will find valuable and want, you first need a good structure. To do this, you should outline all the main points of your lead magnet with subpoints to complement them.

While this may seem like you are taking an extra step, it will actually make the creation of this content much easier in the long run.

Step 3: It’s Time To Get To Creating

Before you get to creating your content, you have to decide if you are going to create if yourself, or outsource it to an agency like ours, or another firm. 

If you outsource your content creation, it’s important to remember to set your expectations in advance and clearly explain your objectives with this content. This will ensure you get the exact piece of content you are expecting.

Remember, besides having content your ideal customer will find appealing and valuable, it also has to be visually appealing. So whether you are creating the written or video content yourself, make sure that it looks the very best it can.

Additional Optimization Tips To Consider

The tips above are great to get you started. That said, to get the best results from your lead magnet, you should also consider the following elements:

Think About The Placement Of Your CTA

Where you place your opt-in offer for your lead magnet makes a big difference when it comes to people noticing it and converting.

The most obvious places are the sidebar, in the middle of copy (e.g. a blog post), or at the bottom of a piece of content (e.g. blog post or email). 

There are also plugins for websites that are referred to as exit-intent popup apps. What those apps do is create a popup box in the center of your web page as the user starts to move their mouse to close your website. This isn’t the best converting option, but it does give you one final last-ditch effort to try and drive a conversion.

Never Forget About The Barrier Of Entry

One fact you can never forget is you want to make it as easy as possible for your lead to access and complete your lead magnet. Simply put, if you ask for too much information on your lead magnet form, you are going to greatly reduce the number of conversions you receive. For instance, name, email and mobile phone are things most are willing to fill out. If you ask for their address, or other qualifying questions, however, the greater the number of questions on your lead form, the lower the number of conversions you are going to receive.

Ideally, you want to only ask for an email address. If you must (e.g. for marketing automation reasons) ask for a mobile phone, that is okay as well. Be sure to keep it simple and leave it at that though.

Optimizing Lead Magnets Is Not Easy

One thing to remember as you are optimizing and testing CTA’s, hoping to achieve maximum conversion is that it is not easy. Don’t give up though. With enough trial and error, you’ll find the exact combination of things that grab your ideal customer’s attention and get them to convert. Stick with it!


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