In-House Graphic Design

Need a unique, gloriously gorgeous, and brand-empowering logo?

Have a website that lacks character? That’s completely bereft of eye-catching, business-related branding?

Have an idea in your mind for a powerful design, but can’t draw anything beyond basic shapes and static stick figures?

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Don’t cry, don’t curse, and don’t crumble – our graphic design team will help translate your ideas into effective works of art.

Amity Digital is a full-service web design and digital marketing agency with in-house graphic designers.

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Your Logo? It Will Immediately Represent Everything You Represent

Your logo is the most important visual representation of your entire business. It conveys direct and subtextual messages regarding your attitude and capabilities. It lives on every website page, throughout digital marketing efforts, and on every piece of public-facing advertising and equipment.

Amity Digital will help you create that impression-making logo – that essential piece of foundational branding that’s immediately recognizable, and therefore, an effective reminder of your strengths and competencies.

Your Website? It Will Look Wonderful

We’ll tell the visual story of your business with eye-catching graphics. And we’ll create icons and utilize professional images, colors, and shapes in line with your specific branding.

A website’s visual appearance is incredibly important. If a website looks dated, poorly designed, or visibly deficient, visitors will think your entire business suffers from the same level of deficiency.

If you’re in the market to capture the attention (and business) of online searchers, the very first thing they see….is what they see. And if what they see makes a strong, positive, and immediate first impression, searchers will be more inclined to learn more and/or do business.

A Few Brands we helped build (or rebuild):

pbm logo
elite eyecare logo
giant robo printing logo
gusto nutrition logo
assistant brewer logo
pa loves music logo
midgard brewing logo
filter beagle logo
pbm logo
elite eyecare logo
giant robo printing logo
gusto nutrition logo
assistant brewer logo
pa loves music logo
midgard brewing logo
filter beagle logo

Need help with your logo?

How about giving the website a much-needed facelift?

Help Me With My Design

Your Digital Marketing? It Will Make an Impression

We’ll provide branded graphics and designs for all your public-facing digital marketing efforts. Need imagery for social media? How about custom designs for Facebook ads? You give us the details, and we’ll create imagery that maintains the same visual elements prevalent in other aspects of your online presence.

Your Physical Marketing? It Will Hit the Mark

We’ll take your logo and other branded, visual elements and apply them to in-hand, exchangeable physical media. Need business cards adorned with the company colors, logos, and graphics? How about tri-fold brochures advertising your latest line of products and services?

Let us design handouts and physical media that leave a long-lasting impression with potential and long-term customers.

physical marketing brochure example
eye catching clothing design

Your Clothing? Eye-Catching

Need your logo and visual branding represented on t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and professional-looking polos? We’ll generate designs from scratch, or apply your tried and true logo to all manner of clothing and apparel.

Your Coffee Mug? The Envy of Corporate

You’re drinking from a mug sporting – you guessed it – the company logo. We’ll apply unique designs and dependable graphics to all manner of helpful home accessories and hardgoods. Our graphic design team will make every negligible item a usable, branding powerhouse.

GD mug design

So, if you’re struggling with design, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Need help with that logo? Struggling with the visual presentation of your website? Constantly uninspired by your floundering Facebook ads? Give us a call, shoot us an email, or send a message through social media.

We’re here to transform your ideas into effective, brand-strengthening graphics.

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