We work with on a variety of projects at Amity Digital, but one of our core competencies is Ecommerce.

We’ve been offering Ecommerce services for over 12 years now – a lifetime in the online world – and have experience with homegrown systems, Big Commerce, Woo Commerce, and Shopify. We also have experience with platforms that needed to be wrestled into submission, but that’s another story.

One of the trickiest parts of running an Ecommerce shop is finding the right platform. The platform we’re most impressed with is Shopify, and we recommend it to about 90% of our clients. Every business is different so not every store is a perfect fit for Shopify, but in our experience, most are. It is an extremely salable solution that remains easy to use. You see, usability was a factor that many developers didn’t take into account before Shopify came along. Systems like Magento were the gold standard but they were overly complex, had a steep learning curve, and required most companies to have a developer on staff to keep it running.

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SaaS(y) Shopify

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SaaS stands for Software as a Service. It’s been all the rage for the last decade and for good reason. Before SaaS became a mainstream option for most businesses, we had to purchase software, install it on our own servers, learn how to run that software on that server, maintain it, and keep it running. As small companies would scale, they would have to add IT resources to maintain their systems and become experts in both software and server management. However, for SaaS products, all you have to do is outsource the bulk of that work to the company that built the software. Instead of selling you the software to install, they are selling it to you as a monthly, all-inclusive service. It allows businesses to scale without having to make giant leaps in their own technology infrastructure. Shopify is one of those types of services. They have solutions for the smallest stores just starting out to large brands making millions of dollars. We start most of our clients with Shopify so they never have to worry about moving to another platform.

Our Shopify Projects

Ecommerce is where it all began for us. And we can safely say – without an inkling of overconfidence – that we were involved with Ecommerce before it was a thing. In fact, our very first website allowed customers to purchase items with a check! So, things have certainly changed – quickly, and for the better.

We used dozens of Ecommerce platforms over the years and even developed quite a few of our own. Thankfully, Shopify came along, and it’s rarely a necessity to recommend anything else.

Check out some of our more recent Shopify projects:

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