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Product Photography

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Ecommerce has a lot of benefits over traditional retail: it’s convenient, easy, and the options are nearly endless. However, it does lack a certain tangible experience occurring regularly at brick and mortar stores – the ability to handle an item and get a really good look at it. For some products, that can be a tough barrier to overcome, but it’s not impossible.

The key to selling any product online is imagery. If you can’t give your customer the tactile experience of touching and feeling an item, give them high quality pictures that provide all the details necessary to make an informed buying decision.

Product Photography

The Process

The process is pretty straightforward. The first step is to finalize pricing and pay the invoice. After purchasing the service, simply mail the products you want us to photograph. Once we receive them, we’ll add them to our schedule and provide an estimated time of completion. If you want us to return the products after completion, we’ll package them and send you a return-shipping quote (a minor expense we ask for before returning any products).

We’ll take the shots you requested, edit them, and deliver your product photos along with any high resolution images. All you have to do is post them, and sell!

  • Contact us for a Quote

  • Ship your Product to Us

  • 1 to 5 Days to do the Photography

  • Return Shipping Quote (if you want the items back)

  • Deliver Final Photos

Photography Pricing

We specialize in product photography and image editing for Ecommerce sites. Your product image is one of the most important parts of the product page, so enticing, professional images will greatly improve conversions.

A good quality product photo helps communicate to customers exactly what they’re buying, and a good action shot allows them to picture themselves using your product.

Additionally, Ecommerce has grown, so customers expect a certain amount of sophistication in an online shop. A bad photo taken with your phone – and then added to your website – implies a lack of skill and professionalism to potential customers. Ecommerce is competitive, so you’ll need every advantage to secure that sale.

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