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In today’s world, it is a necessity for any business to have a social media account but we find most companies don’t have the time to consistently post and engage with their followers. Having social media accounts is only a small part of the equation, actively posting with relevant content and engaging with your audience is the most critical aspect of any social media strategy.  Customers today are more and more web savvy and they have grown up with a certain level of expectations on how a legitimate company should operate.  The age group that doesn’t care about social media is getting older and older and the generations that have grown up with this technology continue to replace them. Make sure you don’t lose customers because you aren’t engaging with them.

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Prior to starting Amity Digital, our team worked at  In fact, the owner of Amity Digital, Brian Welch, was one of the owners of  We worked on that website prior to Facebook being a thing. We were one of the first companies to jump on board and start a business page and we built it up to over 500K followers. We successfully managed a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In and SnapChat account for that brand and drove a signficant amount of business through our engagement on those platforms.  We sold SuperHeroStuff in August of 2018 and we are now offering our services and expertise to other businesses. We are the ideal partner for your business as we have been doing this from the very start. We have seen the changes, learned how to adapt and continue to find success using social media as a channel for ourselves and our customers.

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Why Should Your Business Be Active on Social Media?

There are many reasons and benefits to having an active social media presence but here are the most important in our opinion. Every business is unique and has different needs but most of these reasons are applicable to just about any business.

  • Social Media is an Extension of Your Customer Service – Whether you want them too or not, customers are going to reach out to you on social media for customer service related issues.  If you aren’t paying attention, you are going to leave that customer with a bad experience.

  • Social Media Helps You Manage Your Reputation – Whether you are active on social media or not, your customer base is going to talk about you online. Control that experience the best you can by active managing your social media accounts and engaging with your customers. Give them a reason to say nice things about you. Most people look at reviews and what is being said about a particular company before picking up the phone to work with them.

  • Social Media Builds Your Brand Presence – Your brand is so much more than your logo. Social Media allows you to keep your brand in front of people and gives your brand a voice.

  • Social Media Builds Trust – Whether you use social media as a way to generate reviews or not, your social media accounts are an excellent way to build trust. If someone is researching your company and they look at a Facebook profile with very few followers and no posts in the last 6 months, they are going to wonder what is going on with the company that they are no longer engaging with their customers.

  • Gain Real Customer Insights – People are going to tell you things on social media that they wouldn’t otherwise tell you to your face. Sometimes these are good things, sometimes they are bad, but it’s always better to know what they think and be able to act on it. Engaging with your customers on social media encourages them to give you valuable feedback that you can use to grow and improve your business.

  • Social Media is a Great Way to Announce New Content – It’s a natural channel to let your audience know about any new content you have published to your website or new services you offer. It gives you a vehicle to get nearly immediate feedback from your customer base.

  • Let’s Your Customers Engage with You – People love to work with people they know and companies they like. Social Media gives your customers the opportunity to engage with you like never before. It allows them to build a relationship and get to know the personality behind your brand.

  • Social Media Will Drive Website Traffic – Social Media will drive traffic to your website in multiple ways. The most obvious is from direct clicks from your social media websites.  That’s easy to track. In addition to that, social media is an SEO signal so being active on social media and getting a high engagement will help your website rank better. It’s also a great way to promote new content that people could end up linking to from their own website which leads to both referral traffic and helps boost another SEO signal.

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