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What is Digital Marketing?

A website isn’t enough. You need targeted traffic that converts.

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What is digital marketing, you ask? Well, it’s marketing that just happens to take place in a digital form and is mostly viewed on computers, tablets and phones. Digital Marketing encompasses just about any kind of marketing you can do online. Ten years ago, the web was in its infancy and businesses were rushing to build their first website. There was a certain truth to the “build it and they will come” mentality because competition was minimal and there weren’t nearly as many options. Today, the Internet boasts over one-billion websites and you have to work a lot harder to get it in front of people. Whether that’s through social media, paid search, SEO, banner advertising, influencers, etc., digital marketing is a necessary component of any online strategy. We have been involved in this industry from the very beginning and have successfully used all of these tools to market our own businesses as well as our clients.

Businesses need to expect more from their websites. Your website is not just a glorified business card – it’s an incredibly powerful, feature-filled extension of your business, and it can drive real traffic to your doorstep. The tools and resources are there, you just need to know how to use them.

Why Amity Digital?

A few notable facts regarding our experience and expertise:

  • Involved in digital marketing since the very beginning.
  • We’ve been doing SEO for longer than Google has been around.
  • We were there at the very start of MySpace and the birth of Social Media.
  • We were sending out email marketing campaigns when it was 100% text-based and you couldn’t send the more visually appealing emails we have today.
  • Created one of the first cost-per-lead affiliate networks in the early 2000’s called Lead Crunch.
  • Invented the first text-based link-exchange advertising network.
  • We were there for the dot com boom, and we survived the dot com crash.

The list goes on. The point is, we have been here from the beginning and we absolutely love using modern digital marketing techniques to drive traffic and new business to our clients.

As a digital marketing company that specializes in working with small local businesses, we’re able to bring our expertise to businesses that most large agencies would turn aside.

Based in Berks County, we love seeing our Pennsylvania clients grow their businesses. We focus on the local market, but we do work with clients all over the world, so if you have a need, don’t let geography stand in your way.

Reach out to us today for a free evaluation and proposal.

Digital Marketing Services

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Amity Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency. In addition to building you a modern and responsive website, we are ready, willing, and able to help drive customers right to your new digital doorstep. Our team has extensive experience in the digital marketing world, and we overcame every conceivable challenge accompanying the creation of a successful online business. As previous owners and executives of SuperHeroStuff, we took a small, mostly unknown website and transformed it into the largest superhero store in the world. How did we manage to take a fledgling online business and turn it into a niche-culture success story? By implementing aggressive but very effective digital marketing strategies. Talk to us about your business, your goals, and your ideal customer, and we’ll help you create and execute an effective digital marketing strategy.

  • Social Media Management

  • Facebook / Instagram Ads

  • SEO

  • Local SEO

  • Paid Search

  • Reputation Management

  • Email Marketing

  • Content Marketing

Our Process and Pricing

There are a lot of ways to market yourself online and not all of them make sense for every business. As we have stated before, our goal is to help you grow your business. We have the know-how and the tools to do it. We want to establish long term relationships with our clients, and the only way to do that is to guide them in the right direction, draft a digital marketing strategy that makes sense for their business goals, and execute on that plan.

We are not in this business for the quick buck. We know that if we can help our clients become more profitable and successful, then we in turn will become more successful.

  • Step 1. Our first step is to look at what you are already doing, look at where your traffic is coming from, and understand what you have tried in the past.
  • Step 2. Have a discussion with you on who your clients are and where they are located.
  • Step 3. Discuss your overall budget and where you want your business to go.
  • Step 4. Draft a plan.
  • Step 5. Execute that plan.
  • Step 6. Analyze, Report and Repeat.

We have options for every budget and every service has different price options. It’s impossible for us to list every scenario and price here, so we do ask that as a first step, we have a discussion as to what your interests are. There will be no pressure from us, and if you aren’t interested, you won’t get hounded. Having that initial conversation is the most effective way for us to understand what you want and what would work best for your business.

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