Amity Digital is Alive


We’re starting off 2019 with something brand-new and incredibly exciting – a full-service digital agency!

Amity Digital is the brainchild of Brian Welch and Tiras Buck, former executives of, the largest online superhero store in the world (you can read more about our history with SHS by checking out the SuperHeroStuff Portfolio Brief).

After surpassing expectations and reaching – and exceeding – our goals, we were hungry for the next challenge. And that hunger – that drive to create something genuine, unique, customer-focused, and truly collaborative — is responsible for the creation of Amity Digital.

Amity Digital is the friendly agency – an agency that works with start-ups, growing businesses, and experienced, long-standing companies.

Amity literally translates to “A Friendly Relationship,” and that’s how we approach our relationship with you. We want to use our years of hands-on experience to help you grow and market your business. Approaching every project as a lifelong relationship, we’ll enact simple changes or provide the advanced amenities of a full-service digital agency. And regardless of the aforementioned simplicity/complexity, we’ll perform each and every task with the same level of attention, drive, and dedication.

We can help you with projects of any size. If you need someone to tweak an existing site, or you want to totally transform your online presence into something modern – something that will drive leads to your front door — we have the ability and desire to do so.

We’re very excited to see what this year brings us, and we invite you to hang out, or perhaps ride along. So, if you need a brand-new website, a site that needs fixing, or have an exciting project that needs immediate attention, contact us today. We’re good listeners, great friends, and compassionate, capable problem-solvers.