Amity Digital Cover StoryIt’s always fun to see yourself in published form so we were pretty excited when the guys at 422 Business Advisor offered to do a story on us. We live in such a digital world that it was fun to step out of our normal comfort zone and step into the world of print.

If you are a business that is local to our area, you likely already get this magazine. If you are not local than the 422 Business Advisor is a local magazine that serves 3 counties and goes to business owners.  Each month it’s filled will business articles and advertisements from other businesses in the area. It’s been around a long time and goes out to a lot of people so it was great exposure for us.

We met the owner of the magazine in Pottstown, PA at the offices of the Tri Country Chamber of Commerce. We did a quick photoshoot which ended up being an interesting challenge.  I am 6’6″ and my business partner, Tiras Buck, is 5’1″ so it was pretty hard to get a shot that didn’t look ridiculous. After the photoshoot, the interview lasted over an hour.  We were both impressed as Bill came prepared and knew quite a bit about our story already.

It was a great experience and we have gotten a lot of phone calls from the exposure.  From a marketing perspective the story was great for two reasons.  It got us some terrific exposure which led to phone calls and quote requests.  That’s the short term goal you would hope for and expect from this kind of exposure.  The second and hopefully longer lasting benefit is the validation it can bring. It’s easy for us to tell yo we are experts at what we do and that we can help grow your business online, it’s an entirely different thing when someone else does the research and writes a story telling the world the same exact thing.

You can check out their publication and read our full article at