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The Heroic Past of Amity Digital

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Interested in learning more about Amity Digital? The birth of Amity Digital is the stuff of legends. The founders of Amity Digital were owners, managers, and employees of the largest Superhero Ecommerce store in the world, SuperHeroStuff. We started this dynamic, geek culture company back in 2006, acquiring SuperHeroStuff from its previous owner. It was generating a healthy six figures when we took over, but its former self is a shadow of the amazing, dynamic, fan-centric company it is today. In ten years, we grew from three people working tirelessly in a basement to thirty-five people in a 15,000 square foot facility. And, if you don’t mind a little humble bragging, we grew this business nearly 5000% before selling it to another ecommerce company. Having succeeded in this unique business endeavor, we were ready for our next adventure.

Enter Amity Digital

Before we transformed SuperHeroStuff into a fan-friendly company with a ridiculously fun, creative, and supportive work culture, we already had a collective background in various digital and internet-focused industries. Brian, our founder, had a Web Design and Hosting business prior to his move into Ecommerce.

So much has happened to the online business world in the last 10 years, and we were there to see it all. Experiencing growth at an unprecedented rate, we were constantly learning new things, executing new strategies, and reaching – and shattering – all sorts of expectations. We have a lifetime (in Internet terms) of experience, and we want to put that experience to work for you.

One of the advantages of building an Ecommerce site from the ground up with no outside money is we needed to learn to do everything ourselves. We hired the best people, we did all the design work, we took the product photos, we did all of the marketing, we ran the operations, we did the a/b testing, we made mistakes and we had our victories. We want to put that lifetime of experience to work for you.

Heroic Origin Story of Amity Digital

What’s in a Name?

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A friendly relationship.


So, how did we come up with the name “Amity Digital?” The meaning behind our name is two-fold. The first and most obvious is that we reside in Amity Township, which is part of Berks County, PA. We work with clients all over the world, but it was important to us that we have deep roots here in our own community. The other reason we chose the name was the word Amity itself. The word Amity means “a friendly relationship,” and this accurately describes the way we do business. We don’t want to take your money, put together a website, and walk away. We want to be your partner that not only builds you a world class website, but helps you use that website to grow your business in a meaningful way.

Meet The Amity Digital Team

Below are a few of the people that make up the Amity Digital team.

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Brian Welch, President of Amity Digital

Brian Welch
President, Web Developer and Digital Marketer

Brian grew up in Shillington, but now resides in Douglassville with his wife and 2 boys. When not designing websites and using his wizard-like marketing skills to drive traffic to his clients’ websites, Brian enjoys a wide array of hobbies. He is an avid homebrewer, cheese maker, and board gamer to name a few. He has been involved in Boy Scouts most of his life, is an Eagle Scout, and currently serves as an Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 597. In addition to Boy Scouts, he is an active member of the Amity Lions Club and has served as President.

Tiras Buck, Director of Business Development at Amity Digital

Tiras Buck
Director of Business Development and Writer

Tiras grew up in the Berks County area and currently resides in Laureldale, PA. With a background in sales, content creation, purchasing, product development, team management, obsessive fitness, and unhealthy comic book collecting, Tiras is here to listen to your woes, allay your fears, fine tune your goals and present services and strategies that offer impactful solutions catered to your specific needs. When Tiras isn’t expounding the benefits of local SEO and the importance of attaining a seat in the highly coveted “Local Pack,” he’s making extraordinarily impassioned Art Rock and slowly chipping away at an experimental (and interactive) play. Check out his music for yourself right here at Tiras Buck Music.

Andy Hollinger, Graphic Designer at Amity Digital

Andy Hollinger
Graphic Designer and Product Photography

Andy has lived in Shillington his whole life. He has always had an avid interest in art and design. When Andy isn’t designing things and playing in Photoshop, he enjoys watching movies (he owns every Godzilla movie ever made), mountain bikes, custom Legos, and playing disc golf.

Scott Powers, Graphic Design and Illustrator at Amity Digital

Scott Powers
illustrator and Graphic Design

Scott has spent most of his life in Temple, PA, and is our resident illustrator. Inspired by the amazing world of comic books, Scott has been drawing and creating his own art most of his life. When he isn’t designing and drawing things for customers, Scott is reading comic books and watching movies you probably never heard of.

Alfonso Lourido Video and Creative Design at Amity Digital

Alfonso Lourido
Video and Creative Design

Alfonso works remotely for us and does a good bit of our video projects. How remotely you ask? He lives in Canelones, Uruguay, so he doesn’t usually make it to our weekly staff meetings (hardy-har-har). When he isn’t making videos for clients, he’s busy with his very own film projects.

Our Work

Here is a selection of some of the sites we have worked on.  It’s the most recent 6 that we have added to our portfolio and should give you a good feel for the quality of web design and development work we do. You can see more of our projects on our Portfolio page.

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Our Mission Statement

To provide friendly and effective service to all of our clients no matter how big or small. To be ever mindful of the clients budget and goals while working to create a positive return on investment.

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